Easy Moving & Packing Tips Pt. 2

woman holding box

Easy Moving & Packing Tips Pt. 2

Once again, congratulations on your new home! Figuring out how you’re going to pack and move your belongings without breaking the bank, your fragile items, and your back can be difficult. Here’s more easy moving and packing tips that will make your move simple.


Change your address a week before you move

This is one of those things everyone forgets to do until they’re two weeks into life in a new home and they realize a package they’re expecting still hasn’t arrived. Change your address ahead of time so your bills, credit card statements, and packages can arrive on time without hassle.


Label moving boxes efficiently

They key to finding your stuff easily is labeling all your packed boxes accurately and clearly. When you’re stacking boxes in a van or car you won’t be able to see their tips, so make sure you label the sides as well. But don’t stop there. Label the boxes by category and by room to speed up the unloading process.

packing list

Create a number system

If you want to take your box labeling a step further, create a number system. As you pack up a box, take note of every item inside of it. Write the list in a Google doc and then give the box a number. This strategy has two major benefits:

  1. You can go straight to box #16 with the plunger instead of digging through every “Bathroom” box just to find it.
  2. You’ll know the total number of boxes you’re transporting so you can check to see if one goes missing or is stolen.

small box

Use small boxes for heavy items

It sounds obvious, but if you’ve ever known the struggle that is carrying a large cardboard box stuffed full of college textbooks across a parking lot, then you also know this advice cannot be overstated. Fill your small boxes with heavier items and use large boxes for light things like decorative pillows, towels, and linens.

packing tape

Use packing tape

Not to be confused with duct tape, packing tape is the heavy-duty, insanely sticky clear tape you see at the post office. Always make sure your boxes have tops, but don’t do the interlocking fold method with the flaps of your box tops – just tape them closed. It’s much more secure this way.

bubble wrap

Protect fragile items

Use packing paper to pad all your fragile dish ware and decorative items. Stuff it inside glasses, wrap it around vases and bowls, and shove it between your dishes and the side of your boxes. Make sure you wrap each of your fragile items separately, so they’re fully cushioned. If you don’t have packing paper, opt for bubble wrap or a quilted blanket.


Pack dishes vertically

Don’t stack your dishes horizontally inside a box. Instead, wrap your plates and bowls in packing paper, gently place them into a box on their sides like records, and then fill the empty spaces with bubble wrap to prevent cracking and breaking.

Take pictures of your electronics

Before you take them apart and pack them up, take a few pictures of the back of your electronic devices – the cord situations, if you will. Having these pictures will make it that much easier to set up your TV or monitor as soon as you move in.


Make copies of important papers

Pack a separate box or briefcase with copies of all your important documents in case of an emergency. Though it might be a tedious project to scan or copy every birth certificate, passport, social security card, proof of insurance paper, and tax claim, you don’t want to risk damaging the only version of your papers in transit.


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