Can I sell my House if I owe Back Taxes?

Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsCan I sell my House if I owe Back Taxes?
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Core Properties STL Staff answered 2 years ago

Selling My House While Owing Back Taxes St Louis

Fallen on hard times and need cash fast? Wondering if you’re still able to sell your house while still owing back taxes? At Core Properties our team of experts would love to help and assist you in the as-is sale of your home. We have over 20 years of experience and have helped hundreds of families in similar situations. Give us a call today to discuss your options.

A lien against your house, regardless of who it’s from, is going to have to be paid nonetheless. Now, these liens can and do spread to the value of your home as well as your financial holdings. So the question still remains, can I still sell my house, and how? The short and simple answer is yes!

The first thing we need to look at is the amount of money owing in taxes compared to the value of your home. This assessment tells us if the sale of your home will be able to pay off your tax bill. If the value of your home is greater than your tax bill and will pay that lien in full, the sale of your house will most likely be approved.St-Louis-We-buy-Houses

If you’re owing back taxes there may be a time limit in order to avoid any further consequences. They say that it typically takes 68 days to sell a house the traditional way. Now you might not have the leisure of that amount of time so what is one to do?

Well, you can call Core Properties and sell your house for cash. We are a licensed real estate investment company with years of experience as cash home buyers. We will take your home, as-is, make you a top all-cash offer, and you could be closed in as little as a week. No repairs. No commissions. No closing costs. No hidden fees. Just cash in your pocket.

At Core Properties, we’re well acquainted with all sorts of distressed, outdated, and unwanted property sales, but we’re particularly knowledgeable in areas where current owners need to be guaranteed cash and they need it fast. We understand that this can be an extremely hard decision, so give us a call for your free,  no-obligation fair cash offer.

Give us a call today!

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