How to Sell Rental Property in St. Louis, Missouri?

Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsHow to Sell Rental Property in St. Louis, Missouri?
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Core Properties STL Staff answered 2 years ago

Sell Your Rental Property in St. Louis

Have a rental property that you’re thinking of selling? Today we’re going to talk about selling your rental property. There are many reasons to sell your rental property. Is it sitting there vacant? Tenants not paying rent? Does the property need lots of repairs? Don’t have the time or resources to do the necessary repairs? Whatever the scenario, we at Core Properties would love to discuss your options.

Selling Rentals in St. Louis, MO

Here at Core Properties, we have an in-house construction crew and property management team, which reduces costs and allows us to put more money in your pocket. So when the time comes and you’re ready to sell that rental property we’d love to chat with you and discuss your options.

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