Don’t stress -7 tips for a smooth real estate sale

Don’t stress -7 tips for a smooth real estate sale

Real estate is a fast-paced field complete with its own nuanced jargon and strict processes that can create a high-stress environment. Learning to not only cope but thrive within these situations is a helpful life skill. Here are 7 tips tips that will help you navigate the real estate minefield.

  1. Know your Variables

    Unknown variables can bog down a real estate transaction. Each home or property sale presents its own unique set of variables such as buyer or seller’s vacation plans, bank holidays, or familiarity with digital technology. Make sure you’re aware of and communicate these variables to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

  2. Utilities

    It’s fairly common in cash and foreclosure deals to have a property that is on-the-market because of less than ideal circumstances. Often utilities have been shut off and this can become a major problem in the cold Winter or sweltering Summer. Make sure you understand the current utilities situation before it’s too late and you’re paying to fix burst pipes or other avoidable repairs.

  3. Timeline

    Have a general understanding of your timeline. Are you needing to sell within a few weeks or months? Is the current occupant’s moving timeframe contingent on a waitlist or other variables? Are there any outstanding issues that might hurt the closing schedule?

  4. Mentality

    You might be working with a grieving family, a financially unstable investor, or unrealistic buyer/seller expectations. It is vitally important to not become entangled in this drama for the sake of the deal. Be professional, exact, and reasonable.

  5. Ignore the Hype

    Don’t hype to sell. Nothing kills a deal faster than a buyer seeing the actual square footage or a bid coming in to repair all the items you didn’t disclose. Be honest with all parties involved to ensure a clean and efficient sale process.

  6. Track Conversations

    Avoid the “I didn’t say that”, what was the offer”, and “but you said” moments by keeping your conversations organized and when necessary record these conversations. Recording your conversations is as easy as pressing a couple of buttons on your smart phone and can help you remember important details. Make sure all parties though know they’re being recorded, otherwise there might be some legal issues with this helpful practice.

  7. Contact information

    Do you have the buyer/seller’s agent’s number on your phone? What about the landlord? Title company? Having this information easily accessible on your phone, laptop, or old-school Rolodex (you know who you are) is vital to ensure a smooth closing.

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