Easy Moving & Packing Tips Pt.1

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Easy Moving & Packing Tips Pt.1

Congratulations on your new home! Now you just have to figure out how you’re going to pack and move your belongings without breaking the bank, your fragile items, and your back. That’s why we put together this list of easy moving and packing tips that will make your move simple.


Get rid of everything

Okay, maybe not everything. The more unused and unnecessary items you eliminate from your home, the less stuff you’ll have to pack up, haul across town, unload and organize. Make room by selling or donating unwanted items.

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Research professional moving companies

Research is never fun. Yelp and Google will overwhelm you with the volume of choices for household moving companies to hire. A moving company can often make or break your entire moving experience, so it’s important to get it right. The more effort you put into finding a reputable company with excellent customer service ahead of time, the less hassle you’ll have on moving day. Also, double check the moving company you want to hire is licensed with the state you’re in. Read the company’s list of services, fine print and refund or damage policies, too.


Pick the right moving day

Hire your movers at least a month out so you can plan accordingly. If you have a flexible schedule, play around with potential moving dates and try to find the cheapest time of month to make an appointment. Moving companies are busiest on weekends, so if you can skip the Saturday chaos, schedule your move for a Tuesday and you might get a significant discount.


Map out the best way to get to your new home

Whether you’re moving to a brand new city, across the country, across state lines, or just to a neighboring town, you’re going to need an efficient travel route so you don’t waste your move-in day sitting in traffic or pulling over three different times to type an address into your GPS. Look up potential highway construction schedules ahead of time and take traffic, detours, and necessary stops into account when you’re making your plan.


Create a master moving-to-do list

When you move homes, you end up having a million different things to do and remember. Don’t let all these tasks and important reminders slip your mind. Write them down somewhere. Put them in the Notes App on your phone or go old school with a pad of paper.

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Put moving tasks on your calendar

Take your organization a step further and spend an evening mapping out everything you have to do. Get an oversized calendar and mark the empty spots with important daily tasks to prepare for your move.


Check to see if you have original boxes for your electronics

You might think your flat screen TV could withstand a 30-minute drive across town in a cardboard box but it’s still a fragile piece of technology. The best way to transport your electronics is in the original boxes they arrived in when your purchased them. Check to see if you stashed these boxes. If you don’t have them, quilted blankets, bubble wrap, and sturdy tape all work well to protect TVs and similarly delicate items.


Go to the hardware store

Make a list and brainstorm every possible item you will need to help you get through the moving process. Nothing is too insignificant. Packing tape, cardboard boxes, packing paper, extra screws, a measuring tape, a new industrial-sized broom, you name it. Buy it all in one big haul.


Schedule Disconnect times

Call your cable, internet, electricity, and gas providers at least a week ahead of your move to figure out when you need to shut everything off. Make sure you leave enough time in your schedule to gather any necessary items – like cords, remotes, or cable boxes – you may need to return.

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Call in favors early

If you’re relying on friends and family to help with your move, be courteous and give them a month’s notice. Do the same with babysitters for your children.


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