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When it comes to selling a house “As-Is”, the typical seller has never had to do this before . The Core Properties team understands these concerns & works closely with the seller to make the process HASSLE FREE and allow for a fast sale!

Selling a House in As-Is Condition?… Work with a Professional Housebuyer!

1 Discuss Your Property with Core2 View Property3 Provide Cash Offer4 Close Sale & Receive Cash

When it comes to sell a house As-Is, it can be confusing. The average home owner hasn’t sold a house in this manner and doesn’t know what they should be looking for in an investor.


Generally sellers start the process with a single goal: get the highest sale price! This is completely understandable, however, the As-Is sale process has unique issues (such as title problems, or timing hurdles) that can arise, which are the seller’s responsibility to get corrected.


This can be stressful and difficult for the seller, and many real estate investors in the industry don’t have the staff or experience to correct the issues, or simply don’t offer help in solving the problem.



1) We have substantial experience in the real estate industry

2) We have the staff in place to guide you through the sale process

3) We closed over 100 transactions last year, thus we have the title companies and attorneys in place to lend support as needed.

4) Lastly, we generally provide the HIGHEST INVESTOR PRICE.


Why not get the BEST PRICE and work with the group you LIKE & TRUST.


Additionally, we employ an outstanding team to work very closely with the seller and the title company. We are NOT a one-man-show working part-time out of our basement.


When you chose Core Properties to sell your house fast, you’re getting a local partner to help make the sale hassle-free, and you will get a great price! 

Buying Real Estate for a  Deal!


Our Mission

At Core Properties, our mission is to be your straight-forward and professional option for the sale of your home. We strive to get you the cash offer you need to move forward with your life.


Who We Are

Core properties real estate investors have over 20 years experience buying real estate in St. Louis, Missouri. We purchase real estate in any condition and have the team and resources in place to improve the most distressed houses. Core Properties is a licensed real estate investing company that pays cash for St. Louis homes.


What We Do

We are investors that buy homes and properties in St. Louis. We buy houses, multi-family homes, apartment buildings, condos, and commercial properties throughout St. Louis. We buy properties as-is with no improvements required by you. We want to buy your house and will make the process simple and hassle-free for you.


Unlike most “We Buy Houses” companies who buy properties, mark-up the price and then sell to a flipper, Core Properties typically purchases with the intention of overseeing the rehab and selling to an end user. This allows us to cut out the middle man and pay top dollar for your home.

Core Properties Team - Rob Heyder

Robert Heyder

Co-Owner & President of Acquisitions


Robert is St. Louis native and a licensed real estate investor that purchases houses in St. Louis & St. Charles.  He has 16+ years of experience in residential & commercial real estate investing. Robert has a Bachelor’s degree from University of Missouri in Business, with a dual emphasis in Real Estate & Finance.  He has a passion for purchasing and rehabbing houses and multi-family properties.


Prior to founding Core Properties, Robert was in commercial real estate finance, having financed over $500 million in real estate transactions, which provides him with a wide skill set that he applies daily to his home buying business.  Most recently, Robert was the Vice President of Commercial Real Estate at The Business Bank of St. Louis.


He is also an avid Cardinal’s baseball fan and enjoys spending time with his family, when he’s not working at the Core Properties Office or on the job site.

Core Properties Team - Jon Rankin

Jon Rankin

Co-Owner & President of Development


Jon is a licensed real estate broker and has been involved in real estate since 2005.  His passion for real estate has allowed him to experience all sides of the business, but more recently has been coupled with his strong construction management skills. This has allowed Core Properties to break through to much larger redevelopment projects in higher end markets in St. Louis, such as Clayton, Ladue, Town & Country, as well as others.


Prior to starting his real estate company, he worked full time as a Journeyman electrician in multiple states and internationally.  While working full time as a commercial Journeyman electrician, he managed and organized multiple job sites at once including large projects such as Lindenwood University’s new gymnasium & rec center, Jefferson barracks Joint Armed Forces building, as well as a variety of other multi-million dollar projects.

Picture of the core properties office

We are located in Maplewood Missouri.

Feel free to give us a call and set up an appointment to discuss your options.


2541 S Big Bend Blvd.
Maplewood, MO 63143


Looking for a house to rent?

At Core Properties, we have dozens of properties for lease. If you are looking to rent, check out our list of homes available throughout the St. Louis and St. Charles area.


Our buyers include Missouri and out of state entities.

We purchase properties in

St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County!


We purchase properties in St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County!

Below are specific zip codes that we are actively purchasing properties in:


63005 • 63011 • 63017 • 63021 • 63022 • 63023 • 63024 • 63025 • 63026 • 63031 • 63033 • 63042 • 63043 • 63044 • 63074 • 63088 • 63103 • 63104 • 63105 • 63108 • 63109 • 63110 • 63111 • 63112 • 63114 • 63116 • 63117 • 63118 • 63119 • 63121 • 63122 • 63123 • 63124 • 63125 • 63126 • 63127 • 63129 • 63130 • 63131 • 63132 • 63133 • 63134 • 63135 • 63136 • 63137 • 63138 • 63139 • 63141 • 63143 • 63144 • 63146 • 63301 • 63303 • 63304 • 63366 • 63367 • 63368 • 63376 • 63385

At Core Properties, our mission is to be your straight-forward and professional option for the sale of your property.

We strive to get you the cash you need to move forward with your life.