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Last year Core Properties in St. Louis purchased over $10 million in real estate.  When selling your house for cash, work with a professional, not a first-timer working in their basement.

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How does it Work?

1 Discuss Your Property with Core2 View Property3 Provide Cash Offer4 Close Sale & Receive Cash

The average home owner may not know what to look for when it comes to sell a house As-Is. The process has unique issues, such as title problems, or timing hurdles, which are the seller’s responsibility to get corrected. This can be stressful and difficult for the seller, and many real estate investors either can’t or don’t offer help in solving the problem. At Core Properties in St. Louis, we have substantial experience in the real estate industry and the staff to guide you through the sale process, as well as the title companies and attorneys in place to lend support as needed.


When you chose Core Properties in St. Louis to sell your house fast, you’re getting a local partner to help make the sale hassle-free, and you will get a great price!



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At Core Properties, our mission is to be your straight-forward and professional option for the sale of your property.

We strive to get you the cash you need to move forward with your life.