Sell My Hoarders House Fast for Cash in St. Louis


Hoarders Can Easily Sell Their St. Louis Homes for Cash:

Can I Sell My Hoarder House for Cash in St. Louis?

The answer is Yes! Hoarders isn't just a television show, it is a very real problem. It can become an even bigger problem when it comes to selling your home. It can be very overwhelming and you may even feel embarrassed. You may want a home buyer who will help you, not judge you. In a hoarder house, you will typically have narrow passages to navigate from one room to the next. Some rooms may even be filled to the ceiling with stuff.

Getting help for this can be time-consuming and a very emotional process. Hoarding is much different from collecting. Hoarders are emotionally attached to the things they're hoarding which is why they can't just get rid of them. This disorder becomes a real problem when you can no longer use various rooms or the kitchen table now holds stacks of books, newspapers, or clothes. In extreme cases, you will find rotting food, human and animal feces, and sometimes dead animals. Hoarding can cause fire hazards when stuff begins to block heaters, it can cause structural damage with overbearing stacks of stuff on the upper floor, as well as a health risk when you start having rotting food and unclean dishes which lead to pests and rodents.

Tips to help with the preparation for the sale of your home:

  • Get organized - Seeing everything all together, all piled up, can feel extremely overwhelming and impossible. Start by organizing things in a way that makes sense for you, like putting like-minded things together. This will help you to determine what to keep and what to give away
  • Be ruthless - Be honest with yourself and realize that most of your things will need to be thrown out. You will need to mentally prepare yourself for this so you can say goodbye to your things. Also, take heart that the good stuff will be given to those individuals and families in need and think about how appreciative they'll be. Be ruthless in reminding yourself that this is all just stuff.
  • Focus on the good - If you do decide to list your house and show it before everything is cleaned out you will need to get pretty creative when it comes to the viewing. When potential buyers see the piles of stuff they may want to run but it is your job to show them the possibilities of the house. Highlight those big stunning windows, show off that big, beautiful backyard, or the shiny new appliances. Whatever is grand about the house make sure to accentuate that.

Therefore if you are planning to sell your hoarder home in St. Louis - Hoarder House Cleanouts & Junk Removal Before Selling is important. But we have some good news  - We at Core Properties St. Louis will take care of all that for you. Learn more about how you can sell your home fast for cash in St. Louis by giving us a call!

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Hoarder House Cleanouts & Junk Removal

How to Sell My Hoarder House "as-is" in St. Louis? - FAST FOR CASH!

Know that if you're wanting to sell a hoarder house, whether you're helping a loved one or have inherited it, it's going to take time and patience. Hoarding has been linked to psychological disorders such as OCD so when it's time to start cleaning, you want to be respectful and ask before just throwing it out.

You also have the option of calling a hoarding cleaning service that can be expensive. In most cases, the entire house will need to be gutted. Helping a hoarder clean their home can sometimes be made easier if they know their things are going to people in need. Core Properties St. Louis works with organizations that will pick up your stuff and take them to charities.

Dealing with a hoarder house can be overwhelming as you don't know where to begin, and it can also be difficult to sell through traditional methods. With Core Properties St. Louis, we buy homes "as-is" for cash. We are here to assist you in the as-is sale of your home. No repairs, no fees, or commissions, just cash for your as-is home.

Choose Core Properties St. Louis to sell your hoarder home in St. Louis, MO. Our process is:

  • Sell you hoarder house "AS-IS"
  • Stress-free and quick as possible.
  • No cleaning, No decluttering required.
  • We will make the repairs, fix it.
  • No wait for financing to go through.
  • Cash transferred in five days or less.
  • Offer and close the sale less than a month.


Sell Your House Fast for Cash!

Regardless of the condition, we’ll make a top cash offer for your St. Louis home. This means that you don’t have to waste your money and time on expensive repairs, cleanings, commissions, closing costs, house showings, etc.

#1. Discuss your property with us

#2. We will visit your property

#3. We will provide you with a Cash Offer

#4. Close Sale & Receive Cash

Why Should I Sell My Home to Core Properties?

Whether you want to sell your own hoarder home or you are helping someone to sell their hoarder house, know that Core Properties will buy the property in an “as-is” condition and will pay cash for your home so you don’t have to wait for financing to go through. We can make an offer and close the sale often times in less than a month. With Core Properties, once the deal is closed, you receive your cash deposit in five days or less, because everyone could use some cash fast.

Save Money By Selling Your House As-Is. No Repairs, No Cleaning, No Hassle! Avoid Expensive Fees Like Realtor Commissions, Closing Costs, Hidden Fee, Etc. Sell Your Home Quickly And Easily, Receive A Cash Offer And Close In As Little As A Week.

St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County!

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