Can I Sell My Home If I’m Behind on My Mortgage Payments?


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Are you in financial trouble?
Have you missed your Mortgage Payments?

The biggest fear when missing out on mortgage payments is the risk of facing foreclosure and losing all the equity you poured into your home. Don't let that happen to you. Many people have struggled to keep up with their payments with the pandemic, job losses, and inflation. Let the expert team at Core Properties St. Louis help you out.

You may be worried if we can help, because you may not have any equity in your home or you're upside down on your mortgage. Please give our office a call and discuss your specific circumstance with one of our professional specialists. Now, if the value of your home is lower than the actual mortgage, it may be harder to buy your home. At the moment many markets are seeing an increase in home values and a higher home value may close the gap just enough between your equity and your debt.


During the pre-foreclosure process: You default for not paying, the lender gives you notice of their plan to foreclose, and your property is put up for sale at an auction. Note that you can technically be placed in default for only one missed payment. However, serious action isn't taken until you've been delinquent for at least 90 days. Now if your due date and the grace period have lapsed without payment, your lender will give you a late fee along with a warning. After two consecutive months without payment you will receive a demand letter requesting payment or legal action will be taken. Usually after three missed payments, notice is issued of default - letting you know of their intent to foreclose. The good news is that at this point you still do have options, address your delinquency, and reinstate your loan.


Once your lender has shown intent to foreclose the court gets involved if your lender chooses a judicial foreclosure. A judicial foreclosure is when your bank decides to file a lawsuit against you in order to repossess your house. As the homeowner, you have the right to dispute the foreclosure and give your defense. The judge reviews both sides and may hold a hearing. Unfortunately, if no settlement can be agreed upon, the court will find it in the bank's favor and your home will be put up for sale. A non-judicial foreclosure will move much more quickly. If this is the option your lender chooses, a foreclosure trustee will be acquired to move forward. Depending on state laws, your bank may only be required to give notice to the newspaper. In order to contest a non-judicial foreclosure, you will need to file a lawsuit against your lender.


If you are struggling to make your mortgage payments, selling your home may be a way to avoid foreclosure and minimize damage to your credit score.

We all know that being in pre-foreclosure and behind on payments can affect your credit score, so we get asked all the time if selling during pre-foreclosure can improve your credit score. The short answer is yes, it's possible. If you sell your home with Core Properties St. Louis, you can go and ask your lender to report your debt to the creditors as paid in full. However, the longer you miss payments and stay in forbearance the more problems you are going to have concerning your credit. So if you are behind on your payments don't waste any more time, give Core Properties a call now.

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If you are behind on mortgage payment, we will buy your home for cash. Avoid foreclosure & Bad Credit!

  • Stress-free and quick as possible.
  • No wait for financing to go through.
  • Cash transferred in five days or less.
  • Offer and close the sale less than a month.

No Renovations Required!

The easiest thing you can do is sell your house “as-is” – what this means is you don’t have to fix a thing. Many investors will buy a home “as-is” so that they can fix it up and sell it to an end user. This saves the original owner time and money which could be better spent doing just about anything else.

Core Properties will buy your house “as-is” and pay cash for your home so you don’t have to wait for financing to go through. We can make an offer and close the sale often times in less than a month. With Core Properties, once the deal is closed, you get the cash via wire transfer in five days or less, because everyone could use some cash fast.

Avoid foreclosure by Selling Your House As-Is. No Repairs, No Cleaning!

Avoid Expensive Fees Like Realtor Commissions, Closing Costs, Hidden Fee, etc. Sell Your Home Quickly And Easily, Receive A Cash Offer And Close In As Little As A Week.

Most Trusted Cash Home Buyers in St. Louis, MO


Sell Your House Fast for Cash!

Regardless of the condition, we’ll make a top cash offer for your St. Louis home. This means that you don’t have to waste your money and time on expensive repairs, cleanings, commissions, closing costs, house showings, etc.

#1. Discuss your property with us

#2. We will visit your property

#3. We will provide you with a Cash Offer

#4. Close Sale & Receive Cash

Why Should I Sell My Home to Core Properties?

Core Properties is your local home buyer. The good news is that if you have missed payments on your mortgage and even if you are in pre-foreclosure, there is still time to sell your home and avoid any financial setbacks that typically occur with foreclosure. Selling your home with Core Properties St. Louis before foreclosure is both a very viable option and a smart move, as well as seizing increased equity in your house.

If you are still in pre-foreclosure, you still have time. We might be able to completely avoid a short sale and purchase your home without having to worry about obtaining short sale approval from a lender. There also may be a chance of actually having cash put back in your pocket. Our team of specialists would love to talk with you to see if we are able to buy your home and pay off your debt.

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