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Should You Sell Your Home As-Is? with No Repairs?

One of the top questions asked by home sellers is that should I sell my home in an as is condition with no repairs? and if a company is offering to buy a house as is, no repairs, no commissions, is that legit? Well we have the answer in this great new video. Watch it!

In this VLOG:

Should you sell your home on an as-is basis and what does that mean? Well, it’s pretty simple as most home sellers understand this. It simply means that you want to sell your home without making any repairs, without getting it cleaned up and take a little bit faster and easier route to selling your house.

Now, what it comes down to that, what are the PROS and CONS of doing this? so, one of the biggest pros is the time savings. A lot of home owners who want to sell their home do not want to take the additional time in order to get the home ready and they have a specific time frame in which they want to sell their house. Some home owners can’t make that time frame work if they’ve got to do all the repairs.

Another variable that comes into effect is the amount of money saved on not actually doing the repairs that are necessary to sell the home. This is one of the biggest factor whether you simply don’t want to go through the process of managing a construction project or going out and hiring someone or the time commitment associated with that or even more importantly is do you have the money to do these repairs that are necessary?

Lastly, the factor that doesn’t really get talked about at all is once you make a repair to one area of the house, then there are other areas that may look ok but not as compelling as the newly repaired area. So all in all now you need to update the other areas too and soon you find yourself in a situation where the whole house needs repair. So you are losing money, time and energy doing something that you may have avoided by selling it to a cash buyer.

When you sell your home to an investor, you’re not paying commissions on that home sale which can add up to be a pretty big number, typically it’s roughly 6% of the sales price is a commission number. So if you sell a $200K house, the commission is $12K, now that’s a pretty big number when it adds up in addition to all the repairs you did.

The good thing is that when you sell to an investor you typically don’t pay closing costs on that sale, no commissions, nothing for the repairs, so your SAVINGS ARE BIG!!

Therefore, do not waste your time repairing your house to sell. The amount of time you will spend managing the construction project, getting the home ready for sale and then listing with an agent and further waiting for a buyer who probably needs you to give 45 days or so to close on that home (which is a pretty long time frame), it is far better to simply sell your house to an investor.

Let’s say you plan to move out of town or you’re moving to a new home and there’s a set date that you absolutely have to close on, well selling to an investor will help! and we at Core Properties being the real estate investor can set that date out, whether it be 2, 3 or 4 months, whatever it might be and set that as a firm closing date and you can sleep well at night knowing that the date is set in place independent of everything else.

Another great reason to sell to an investor is that you get paid cash for selling your  home and handling all the items for closing are not like financing or any of those type of variables.

When you sell a home AS-IS or you sell it without making the repairs, without the commission and all of that and picking the closing date and working on your closing schedule, typically what you have to give up is a little bit of the sales price. Now, some of that is made up for by the commissions and the repair costs and whatnot but, investors have a profit margin that they have built into the deal and that’s typically the difference between the cost of the repairs, the commissions, the closing cost, and the profit margin that the investor has to make. That’s typically the reduced price that that you will see on the home sale.


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