Home Repairs That Could Save You Money


Sometimes you have to spend money to save money, especially when it comes to your home. If the thought of spending money to repair that dripping shower or crack in the ceiling makes you frown, remember that a few cheap fixes today could prevent you from spending hundreds or thousands of dollars tomorrow.

House InsulationInstall Home Insulation

Adding insulation in your attic or exterior walls can reduce your energy consumption and subsequently your heating and cooling bills.


Upgrade Your Irrigation System

If you don’t already have one, install a timer for your sprinklers. Also changing your system to low-flow irrigation will maximize your water use while lowering your water bill.


Replace Damp or Moldy Drywall

See a yellow or gray stain running along your ceiling? Or the bathroom walls feel damp when it’s been a while since you’ve taken a shower? You might have an interior leak. Luckily, it’s an easy fix. Replacing the drywall and repairing the leak will prevent a disaster from occurring down the road.


Hire a Plumber for Inspection

It’s a smart idea to have a plumber inspect your home every three to five years. You might think all your faucets and pipes are running fine, but a plumber with a trained eye might spot a disaster waiting to happen.

washing machine

Attach a Standpipe to Your Washing Machine

Behind your washing machine is an area where water drains out from a hose after the cycle is complete. A lot of times, the hose can come free from the wall and spray water behind the washing machine. One of these plastic wall inserts will ensure the hose is secured and won’t come undone to wreak havoc.


Prevent Windowsill Rot

Does the wood around your windowsill look like it’s rotting? Rainwater seeping through the frame might be the culprit. Fixing this might require an entire window replacement, but exterior caulk can save you from spending thousands on replacements over time. The caulk will seal any fissures you find and keep rainwater out.

air conditioner

Clean Your AC Unit

Here’s another home energy saver. Take a leaf blower and use it to flush out your air-conditioning unit outside. A debris-free united could save you as much as 15% on your energy costs. Better yet, this simple improvement has no upfront cost.

circuit breaker

Reset Circuit Breakers

This easy trick prevents electrical problems, not to mention a dangerous overload on wiring. All you have to do is flip all your circuit breaker switches from “on” to “off” position. Wait for 10 seconds. Then switch them back on. This small step will break down any corrosion on the circuit breaker contacts. Flipping won’t cost you anything – just be prepared to reset all your clocks after.


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