Thank you for submitting your invoice for payment! We appreciate the work you do for us and our top priority is to get you paid as soon as possible.


Please remember:

  • Payment processing may take 14-21 days. This is because there are many components involved in our payment process, including:

    • Verifying that the work has been completed to satisfaction, passing inspection (where applicable) and reviewing the invoice for any cost variances compared to the estimate
    • Final approval from the construction manager
    • Submittal to the title company for bank payout and processing of the payout request for payment within the bank’s payout system (typical)
    • OR preparation of payment within the Core Office (rare)


  • Payment may be delayed if:

    • Invoices are not submitted to the billing@corepropertiesstl.com email address
    • An incomplete invoice was submitted (please refer to our Subcontractor Payment Process Sheet for a full description)
    • The invoice was submitted before final work was completed or before final inspections were passed
    • The completed work was insufficiently completed or otherwise lacking


  • For payment pickup:

    • Checks will typically be available for pickup at True Title. Or, you may request that the tile company mail the check to you.
    • In the rare case that you are paid directly by Core check, your check will be mailed. We can hold your check in the office for payment if you specifically request it.



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