Can I Sell My House During Foreclosure in St. Louis?

Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsCan I Sell My House During Foreclosure in St. Louis?
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Core Properties STL Staff answered 2 years ago

Selling a House in Foreclosure

One question we get asked over and over again is can I sell my house during foreclosure? Some homeowners think that foreclosure is the end as a homeowner but you still have options. At Core Properties we specialize in foreclosure sales and would love to discuss your options with you, so you can sell your property and pay off those overwhelming debts and bills. Call us today!

Time is of the essence when selling a home in foreclosure. The bank has already started the process and is gathering all the legal paperwork together. You have till the house is put up for auction, which in most cases, is only a 30day window.

Sold-House-for-CashSo How Does this Work?

Contact Core Properties and we’ll make you an all-cash offer

Find out the value of your home and decide if selling it is enough to cover what you owe the bank. We at Core Properties will help you with that. We will give you a quote for the value of your home and then you can decide if selling is the best option for you.

Tell the Bank That You Have an Offer on Your House

Banks typically dislike foreclosures. It costs money and takes time. When you let them know that you have a buyer and that the sale could possibly pay off the mortgage then they are more likely to work alongside you and may even help complete the sale of your home.

Save Your Credit and Close in 30 Days or Less

After you’ve notified the bank that you’ve found a buyer we are then able to close in 30days or less. We know and understand that time is of the essence. There are no commission fees, no repairs, no inspections, no hidden fees. We make you a top, all-cash offer for your as-is home. No-fuss no muss. We make selling simple.

Give us a call today!

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