Can I Sell My House in Pre Foreclosure?

Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsCan I Sell My House in Pre Foreclosure?
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Core Properties STL Staff answered 3 years ago

Sell My Home Pre-Foreclosure St Louis

Landed on some tough times and facing foreclosure? Bills piling up and need some extra cash fast? If you’re in the St. Louis area Core Properties is your go-to pre-foreclosure, short sale, cash home buyer. We will make you a top all-cash offer for your as-is home. Core Properties has over 20 years of experience as cash home buyers and has helped thousands of people, even if you’re facing foreclosure.

So the bank owns your home, you’re now looking at foreclosure and you’re thinking what do I do? Call Core Properties! One of our expert team members will come out and evaluate the property, look at the fair market value, and make you a top cash offer. No repairs. No commissions. Just cash for your as-is home, so you can pay off your mortgage and save your credit.

Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to properly assess your home and make sure you’re going to get top dollar for your home. This is why it is in the best interest of both the bank and homeowner to choose Core Properties as their cash home buyers for pre-foreclosure. We make sure the homebuyer gets the top offer while the overdue payments of the bank are satisfied.

With Core Properties we will take your as-is home, give you make you an all-cash offer, and you could be closed in as little as a week. No hidden fees. No open houses. No cleaning. Just cash for your as-is home. Get cash fast. Pay off those overdue bills. Call us today and get your free no-obligation offer. Let us help you move on with your life.

Give us a call today!

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