Can you sell house when in foreclosure in St. Louis?

Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsCan you sell house when in foreclosure in St. Louis?
Core Properties St. Louis Staff asked 3 years ago

It is possible to sell my house when I am going through foreclosure. What if I get a better deal for my house before foreclosure?

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Core Properties St. Louis Staff answered 3 years ago

Have You Lost Your Job? Going through tough times and foreclosure for your house in St. Louis?

If you are a resident in Saint Louis and you have been struggling to pay back your home mortgage or going through house foreclosure due to not being able to pay because you lost your job then please contact us and we would be able to help. Right now due to Corona Virus Pandemic across the nation, many people have lost their jobs and are going through tough times to make enough money to keep up with their lives. Selling your home can be one good option while you can move to another place or rent a house for a lot cheaper, rather than banks coming after you.

At Core Properties, we make sure that you make the most out of selling your house. This include selling your home as-is with no repairs, no cleaning and no commissions at all. These are the best benefits of selling to a home investor.

When you call us, we visit your property and evaluate the scenario you are going through. Based on the condition of your home, we give you a cash offer, provide you with proof of funds and buy your house. All this in a hassle free way.

So, if you are in St. Louis, St. Louis County or anywhere in the surrounding neighbourhoods, please contact us.


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