Is it safe to sell your house during COVID-19 pandemic?

Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsIs it safe to sell your house during COVID-19 pandemic?
Core Properties St. Louis Staff asked 3 years ago

Should I sell my house during corona virus pandemic? Is it safe to sell my home during COVID?

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Core Properties St. Louis Staff answered 3 years ago

Sell Your House during COVID-19?

If you are wondering if you should be selling your house during COVID-91 pandemic? then you are in the right place. Watch the video below that is a successful testimonial from our client who sold his house during Corona Virus Pandemic and is he states that our process was pretty smooth – Simple & Hassle free for him. Are you the next?

We Buy Homes Saint Louis, MO – Is it safe to sell your house during a pandemic?

Absolutely! You can sell your home in an as-is condition, without any repairs and with $0 commissions. There are many reasons you may find yourself in the midst of an unwanted home. Divorce, downsizing, foreclosure, and unexpected inheritance are just a few reasons many people need to sell their home fast.

At Core Properties we can give you a cash offer and we can complete the sale of your home in under a weeks time in some cases. We are your number one option for an “as-is” sale of your home.

We will take care of:

  • Repairs
  • Cleaning
  • Open houses
  • Agent showings

That’s right, all of those responsibilities are taken right off your plate, giving you more time to get back to what you love in life. In some cases, a home investor can even sell your home in less than one week! If you’re looking for help with your current situation, give Core Properties a call.

Get in touch with us today and sell your property at the best price!


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