Compton Heights Home Buyer Near Me in St. Louis, MO

Compton Heights, St. Louis, MO Home Buyers

Compton Heights, St. Louis, MO Home Buyers

Are you facing foreclosure or behind in your taxes? Do you need to sell your home but it’s outdated and in need of repairs? Is it time to sell your home due to downsizing or job relocation? Are you in a financial bind and want to sell your house fast for cash? Whatever the reason you want to sell your home, regardless of its condition, Core Properties, Compton Heights, St. Louis will pay you cash for your as-is home. Come and join the thousands of happy customers at Core Properties St. Louis who have found out how simple and stress-free our process truly is.

Did you know that the average time to sell your home, through a traditional real estate agent, is approximately 63 days? This means that once the agent lists your home, it will take about two months for your home to sell and close. That is if there are no complications and your buyer doesn’t fall through. Stats have also shown that the best time to sell your home is in Spring, this is when people are looking for new homes the most. With all these unpredictable variables is it really worth it? With Core Properties Compton Heights, we will give you cash for your as-is home and have you closed in as little as 7 days. It’s that simple.

When selling your home with a traditional real estate agent there are numerous factors to take into account when it comes to the successful sale of your home. You need to consider the selling price. Is it fair? Will people be willing to pay that much? Then you need to take into account your location. Is your location desirable to potential buyers? You also want to take into consideration the agent you hire. What is their track record and reputation? How hard will they work for you to get your home sold? Then you need to consider the better they are the hire their fees and commissions. With cash home buyers like Core Properties St. Louis, none of these factors matter. It’s as simple and hassle-free as receiving cash for your home. Nothing more, nothing less.

With traditional real estate agents, you will be expected to make repairs and upgrades to your home. This will be on your time and your dime. You will also be expected to pay your agents fees and commissions, which depending on the agent quite hefty. Then there’s the nuisance of open houses. Always need to keep your house clean and stage ready, just to have your agent call you at the last minute to leave your house because they need to show your home. All of this just seems like a big headache. Why put yourself through all of that when with one quick phone call to Core Properties Compton Heights, St. Louis you can sell your home for cash and be closed in as little as a week?

Types of Homes We Buy

  • Rented or inherited properties
  • Fire or water-damaged properties
  • Downsizing
  • Relocating
  • Going through a divorce
  •  Outdated or rundown properties
  • In probate
  • Facing foreclosure
  • Owing back taxes

With Core Properties Compton Heights, St. Louis we will buy ANY home and make you a fair, top, all-cash offer. There’s no need for an agent or middle-man because our highly trained and experienced staff are able to take care of everything from beginning to end. Once you accept our offer you get to choose your closing date, and we’ll even take care of all the closing costs for you. Core Properties St. Louis is here to make the process of selling your home as quick, easy, and hassle-free as possible. Selling your home with Core Properties St. Louis is the simple solution.

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