The Core Properties Difference

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As one of the leading St. Louis-area house buyers, we receive all types of inquiries about the Core Properties difference. Luckily for us, this is one of our all-time favorite subjects. Let’s take a look at some standard questions that come our way.

“How is selling my house with Core Properties different than using conventional methods?”

We know there are delays in the legal process that can be intimidating — even frustrating. Our team is well versed in all types of property sales and will work with you diligently to push the sale to the finish line.

Real estate investors do not need to pre-qualify for loans or financing, so closings happen faster and more seamlessly than with a . Also, working with a traditional means commission, fees and other unexpected costs that you would never see had you sold your house to a real estate investor.

And let’s not forget — most investors extend CASH OFFERS that are redeemable upon closing, getting the money you were promised in your pocket faster, and with minimal effort. Be careful though, and always remember to make sure a “Cash Offer” is really a Cash Offer. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof of cash funds — something Core Properties provides every single time.

“What if I’m behind on my mortgage payments or in the midst of a messy bankruptcy or foreclosure? How will working with Core Properties ease this financial and mental burden?”

Life consists of all kinds of difficult situations. A call to Core Properties is a call to the real estate professionals. Our confidential consultations are as discreet as they are straightforward. If you’re seeking foreclosure prevention, our experienced short sale process will help you avoid foreclosure.

“I am interested in working with a real estate investor. How will Core Properties determine the price they will offer for my home?”

Standard considerations include; the condition of the house, estimated cost of and time required to complete necessary renovations, anticipated value of the completed project, real estate commission costs to market the house, cost of insurance, utilities, taxes, and expected maintenance costs required during renovation.

When determining the offer for your home we don’t just factor in the estimated cost of renovations, but another big element is the estimated TIME involved in said renovations. You know what they say – Time is money!

Once you’ve worked with Core Properties, the difference is easy to see. But until you have had that chance, we’d be happy to speak to you directly to discuss if selling your house to us is the right decision. That’s right – we’re not always the best solution – and if we’re not, we will readily tell you so. Because we’re in the real estate business, not the time-wasting business!

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