How Much Will a Home Investor in St. Louis Pay for My House?

How Much Will a Home Investor Pay in St. Louis

How Much Will a Home Investor Pay in St. Louis?

The truth is, selling your home can be a long and stressful process, especially if you’re unaware that you can sell to a real estate investor. You may need to do some repairs, then there’s all the cleaning and staging for those endless open houses. You always need to make sure that your house is in tip-top condition in case a potential buyer might want to view it, and most time with little to no notice. This can be extremely stressful.

So what exactly is a real estate investor?

Well, real estate investors are people who make their money by buying homes as-is and then fixing them up to either resell or rent out.

The Pros and Cons

When selling your home, selling to an investor can be a very enticing option, as it’s quicker and easier compared to selling through an agent.

  • The biggest advantage of selling to an investor is how quickly it’s done. With an investor, they are buying your house as-is for cash. There’s no concern of a third-party loan falling through or endless paperwork to be completed. In fact, with an investor, like Core Properties St. Louis, you could be closed in as little as a week.
  • Selling quickly also means you can avoid those extra mortgage payments and steer clear from people breaking into your home if it’s vacant. But the best part is that it means cash in your pocket.
  • Another great advantage is no repairs! Who wants to spend their precious time and money on repairing a house they’re leaving? With real estate investors, we will buy your property regardless of its condition.
  • A lot of people are very picky and sensitive to who they allow into their homes. With an investor, you won’t have to worry about all those open houses and countless people walking through your door.

What Will the Real Estate Investor Do With My Home?

This all depends on the type of investor but here are some ideas.

  1. Fix-It & Rent It. Renting out can be a good opportunity and can provide a decent income.
  2. Fix-It & Flip It. We’ve all heard the term house flipping. They fix up the property then sell it for a profit.
  3. Replace It. Sometimes, just like a car after an accident, the property is a write-off. In these rare cases, the investor will demolish the house and replace it with a new one.
  4. Act as a Wholesaler. There are a few investors who will buy multiple properties and then sell them off to other investors.

Do Investors Make Cash Offers?

Yes, and this is why the process of selling your home can be done more quickly.

What if I’m in Foreclosure?

Investors do often buy foreclosed homes or homes facing foreclosure.

What About a Lein or Judgement?

This one depends on the investor. Some will avoid it while others will factor this into the cost.

If I Own a Rental Property What Happens to My Tenants?

Again, depends on the investor but most will honour the lease agreement and as long as they pay their rent on time it’s all good!

Will I Need to Have an Inspection?

No inspection is needed. Our offer to you factors in the conversations we have and the walk-through.

How Quickly Can We Complete the Transaction?

This can take as little as a week or two.

What About Closing Costs?

We take care of those for you.

So, How Much Will the Investor Pay Me?

This all depends on the condition of your home but we assure you that we will make you a top cash offer.

This is why you’re hearing more and more of people selling to a real estate investor. And why wouldn’t you? The process is much quicker and the convenience alone is priceless. So if you’re thinking of going with a real estate investor give us a call today and get your free no-obligation offer!

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