Outdated Things in Your Home

Outdated Home

Are you constantly looking at outdated things in your home wondering whether or not they are worth updating? Is there still wood paneling on the walls, shag carpet, metal kitchen cabinets or bright pink bathroom tiles? If you’re about to put your house up on the market, outdated things in your home, like these, can seriously affect the value.

Making a home move-in ready is costly and time consuming. Before diving head first into to project updating outdated items in your home, it’s important to assess how high on your priority list these updates are.

While it may seem easy to make surface-level repairs, like painting scuff marks, replacing large outdated things in your home, like stove ranges, Jacuzzi bathtubs, outdated wood paneling, involve taking on huge costly projects. The worst gamble you can take is starting a full remodeling hoping that it will result in an increase in the value and appeal of your home.

There is always the option to sell your home as-is. Many homeowners are wary of this route. What if potential buyers want a move-in ready home, homeowners ask themselves.

When hoping to make a home move-in ready and finding yourself dealing with outdated things, consider selling as-is to someone who will take those updates upon themselves, like an investor. You’ll get your home’s worth, without having to put in extra money and time.

Typically, an investor will offer you cash in-hand for an as-is home with outdated items. Dealing with outdated things can be costly and a hassle. Why not take the hassle-free route with Core Properties?

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