What are the benefits of selling my home to a home investor?

Benefits of Selling with a Home Investor

Benefits of Selling with a Home Investor

When you think of selling your home s and open houses usually come to mind. This seems like the way things are done but not everyone has had positive experiences with real estate agents and it can be a long, frustrating, costly, time-consuming, and complicated process. If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and hassle-free solution to selling your home consider the top home investors at Core Properties St. Louis. Selling with home investors has many benefits and we’re going to look at the top 10!

Buy Homes As-Is

If your home is rundown or outdated a may ask you to bring your home up-to-date, at your own expense, or maybe even refuse to sell your home altogether. This is not so with home investors. Home investors, like Core Properties St. Louis, are well aware of repairs that may need to be made and factor this into their offer. Core Properties purchases homes regardless of their condition.

Help You With Foreclosure

When you are facing foreclosure there is a very short time frame where you are able to sell your home to avoid foreclosure, in most cases, it’s usually 3 months. If you already know you won’t be able to cover your loans you will need to sell your home quickly. Core Properties St. Louis knows and understands this process and is able to sell your house quickly and avoid foreclosure.

Buy Homes in Bed Neighborhoods

When you first purchased your home you knew exactly who your neighbors were, this may not still be the case now that you’re selling. Having less than stellar neighbors can affect the sale of your home.  Core Properties St. Louis isn’t concerned about the type of neighborhood your home is in or if the neighbors get a little rowdy late at night. Our goal is to make your property great again and find a buyer worthy of it.

No More Relisting

When you work with a real estate agent there is a time limit given for selling your home. If your home doesn’t sell within that time frame you have to make the choice on whether or not to relist. You also need to decide whether to relist with the same agent or go with someone else and start that process all over again. Because Core Properties St. Louis buys homes as-is there is no need to relist. We’ll buy your home, pay you cash, and can have you closed in as little as a week.

Pay Cash

A ‘s job is to find people who are interested in purchasing a home. There is no guarantee of one of them actually buying it. Core Properties St. Louis will not only buy your home, we’ll even pay you in cash. This also means you don’t need to worry about loans through a third party falling through.

Market Doesn’t Matter

Your ‘s success is dependent on how the housing market is. With Core Properties St. Louis we purchase your home as-is and make it so attractive to buyers regardless of the current market. As home investors, we take on the responsibility of waiting so you don’t have to.

What Paperwork

With a traditional , there seems to be endless paperwork that needs to be looked over and signed. You are dealing with your , the buyer, as well as their agent. Everyone has their own set of paperwork. The team at Core Properties St. Louis will take care of all the paperwork so you don’t have to.

No Commission

In most cases, a gets about 6% of the sale of your home. On average that is over $10,000. That is a whole lot of your money in somebody else’s pocket. Core Properties St. Louis has no fees and no commissions. We make you a fair top all-cash offer and all the money goes into your pocket.

No Closing Costs

Closing costs are another way s take money away from you. It can be a costly process. Core Properties St. Louis covers all closing costs so you get all your money. What we offer you is what you get.

Quick Closing

As previously discussed selling your home can be a lengthy process. You may not have a whole lot of time and need to sell quickly. Because Core Properties is buying your home as-is and there are no third-party lenders to worry about there is no waiting period. Once you accept our offer you get to choose your closing date. We can have you closed in as little as 7 days!

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