How to Sell My House Fast For Cash in St. Louis?

Selling your home is usually not as simple as listing it and getting an offer. Although most homes do eventually sell, there can be a considerable wait time on the market if the house is not prepared for a fast sale in advance. Preparation involves everything from the simple tasks of letting the sunlight in, to the more complicated tasks of decluttering and repainting the property. If you are getting ready to put your home on the market and are looking for ways to make your home sell as fast as possible, consider some of these tips for selling your home that can lessen the wait.

Make Preparations for a Fast Sale

Before listing your home, learning about the real estate industry can help you make decisions that lead to a faster sale. Create a timeline, and keep in mind when home sales peak during the year in your area if you want to aim for the fastest turnaround at the highest price.

Selling during times when the market is slow, such as the winter in most areas, means your home may stay on the market longer and sell for a lower price than you want. If you need to unload your property quickly and can’t wait until the market is ripe, it could be to your advantage to sell to an investor that provides an immediate cash offer.

Present a Spotless Property

One of the biggest turnoffs for potential buyers is a dirty home. Logically, any home can be cleaned once it is purchased, but a buyer often assumes that if the house is not spotless, then it was not taken care of properly by the previous owner.

It is worth the expense to have your home professionally cleaned from top to bottom before putting it on the market. If you are still living in your home during showings, make sure you maintain a high level of cleanliness at all times with a set plan for showings that are scheduled with little time to prepare. Many homeowners use storage bins that can be quickly put out of sight before the and potential buyer arrive.

Declutter and Depersonalize

During the home preparation process, it is much easier to present a clean property if your home has been thoroughly decluttered and depersonalized before you list it for sale. Although your family photos and other personalized items make beautiful décor while you live in the house, too many personal items and small decorations can be a big distraction for potential buyers.

They want to be able to look at your space and envision how it would be decorated if they purchased it. Any items you don’t use regularly can be packed away. To streamline as much as possible, many sellers choose to rent a storage space or use this time as an opportunity to declutter and minimize their belongings permanently.

How to Increase my Home’s Curb Appeal

Although it’s important to prepare your interior space for sale, the exterior also needs to be presented in the best light. You may have heard this referred to as your curb appeal. Many potential buyers drive by homes for sale to see if they find the exterior of the house attractive. If your home exterior needs to be painted, this can make a huge difference in your curb appeal. Landscaping should also be taken into consideration, along with the look of your roof and any damage to your driveway and walkways. Even if you work an allowance into the overall price of your home for items like a new roof or house painting, many buyers will be turned off by the idea of having to complete this work on their own before moving in.

Consider a Paint Job

Although the paint color of your interior is something that is not permanent, buyers are often turned off by colors that are not neutral. If possible, take the time to give your interior a fresh coat of neutral paint and fill in any nail holes. If you are up to the task, consider removing wallpaper that is outdated or unattractive and paint the walls in a neutral color instead. Pay attention to your trim and doors to look for scuff marks, scratches, and discoloration. If necessary, be prepared to give you trim an updated coat of paint as well.

Consider Professional Photos

Realtors and clients searching for homes usually look through listing sites to find properties that fit certain criteria. One of the eliminating factors when skimming through properties online is a home that is poorly presented through photos. If you choose not to work with a to list your property, you should still consider hiring a professional photographer to take photos for your listing. Professional photographers who take pictures for the realty industry know-how to angle and light your home to present it in the best way possible. If you choose to work with a , the cost of professional photography is typically covered for you. If you don’t like the pictures that are taken of your home, ask your to have a reshoot.

Price It Right

All of the preparation in the world will not make a difference in the speed of selling your home if the price is not right. Knowing the market is a major part of the job for individuals who work in the real estate industry. Pricing a home unrealistically high will not only lead to a slower sale but also lead potential buyers to believe that something may be wrong with your home if it sits on the market for an extended period of time. Realty professionals use the recent sales of comparable homes in your area to determine the optimal list price for a fast sale. In fact, in some markets, it is advantageous to price your home low to create competition between potential buyers.

Be Available

Once the preparation has been completed, and your home is ready to go on the market, your job does not end. It is important for you to make your home available to potential buyers as frequently as possible. This can include showings at different times of the day and an open house if necessary. Your home needs to be marketed on websites and available for viewing with short notice. Some buyers will be turned off by wait times since they may be in town for a short period of time to find a home or are looking at many homes in one area on the same day. Flexibility is key with your showings, and there are now apps and other online tools to keep track of the showing schedule.

Use Word of Mouth Marketing

In addition to traditional marketing for your home, spreading the word yourself can give you an added marketing advantage. Use social media to link to your property listing, and ask around to see if anyone has a friend or family member in the market for a home like yours. Sometimes your current neighbors may be interested in your home, especially if they already love the neighborhood, and your home meets more of their desired criteria than their current home.

Brighten Your Home

Realtors know a simple trick during showings to help present your home in the best way. Buyers love to see homes that are well lit, so taking a few moments to open curtains, blinds and turn on all the lights in the house will let the buyer see how beautiful your home can be. Natural light automatically softens small flaws in your home and helps your space appear larger.

Be Realistic

To avoid frustration through the selling process, it’s important to keep a realistic idea of the required preparation and the timeline of the sale. Everyone wants a home that sells quickly for the highest price with the minimum amount of work put in, but being realistic about the specific needs and requirements of your property will help you stress less. Take into account that there will always be wild cards and unanticipated issues during the house buying and selling process. Many factors go into selling a home, so keep these in mind once you decide to put yours up for sale.

  • What is the current real estate market?
  • How much repair does your house need?
  • How quickly do you need to sell your home?
  • If you have already purchased a new home, how long can you afford to pay two mortgages?

Skip the Prep and Sell to an Investor

In many cases, especially when a homeowner is moving unexpectedly or is choosing to downsize due to changing family or financial circumstances, it makes sense to sell to an investment company that purchases homes for cash.

Although the cash offer is typically lower than the asking price for a home that is placed on the traditional real estate market, several cost savings make this option a viable one. Selling your house to an investment company does not require repairs or updates to your home. Since the property is purchased in as-is condition, you save the cost and stress of preparing your home for the market. Working with an investment company also means you do not pay a commission to an agent, which is a significant cost saving. Investment deals take place quickly, so you don’t have to take the risk that your home will sit on the market for an extended period of time.

Why Choose Core Properties

If you are planning to sell your home and are weighing the pros and cons of placing it on the real estate market or contacting an investment group for a quick, as-is sale, Core Properties will provide a no-obligation consultation and analysis of your home.

The process is simple, hassle-free and completed quickly. A member of the experienced team will speak to you about your property and schedule a time to come out for analysis. Within a few days, a cash offer is made. If you accept the offer, the closing can take place quickly, taking the worry out of the process. If you have any questions about the process of selling to an investor or for further information on their services, contact Core Properties today.

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